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Welcome to our website: A.M.S ELECTROMECHANICAL SOLUTION is located in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and named after Abiy Electro Mechanical Contractor. The business established in 2004 G.C & has gone through remarkable change achievements. The company is presently the business has steadily increasing & expanded and involved in contracting electromechanical activities and supply of high quality Electrical materials. read more

Street lights

cobra head
Steel pole

Controlling device

main sercute bracker




Distribustion bord

Our Objective

The major objective of establishment of the company is to have sustainable and maximum profit through customer satisfaction by the service we delivered. Incorporating technical advance in the design, installation, construction of distribution networks. Maintenance, Errction commissioning, supply of electrical materials & creating job opportunity given priority importance. the company’s business prospects are bright. This is a company with a vision to be a nation’s leading reliable service provider and supplier of quality standard electrical materials that can satisfy costumer’s needs.


Products we supply
















Industrial materials
Halogen Lamps






Circuit device